What does it mean to be?

This course is a comprehensive overview of Martin Heidegger's classic 1927 work Being and Time. We are using the Stambaugh/Schmidt translation, shown.

The four lectures will help you understand Heidegger's enigmatic project and unusual terminology. You'll begin to see the inner logic of the book as we have it and to connect the key ideas together with a single thread.

The focus of the course is on clarifying Heidegger's meaning and intention. This instructor does not present a historical overview or contextualization of Being and Time.

Instead, the course seeks to make the book more easily accessible to first time and repeat readers.

Lecturer: Michael Millerman

Michael Millerman completed his PhD. in Political Science (Political Theory) at the University of Toronto in 2018. He is the author of Beginning with Heidegger: Strauss, Rorty, Derrida, Dugin and the Philosophical Constitution of the Political (2020).

Detailed Video Lectures

Video lectures help you grasp the key arguments and ideas in each chapter.

Written Lecture Notes

The course includes written lecture notes for all five sessions and for the bonus video.

Separate Audio Files

Separate audio files make it convenient for you to listen anywhere, anytime.

Excerpt from Session 1

(This was made for YouTube. The images have been added and are not shown in the course itself.)


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Course Lectures


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We show respect for a thinker only when we think.

— Martin Heidegger

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"It's a very high value program... You really are passionate about these issues and questions and you bring that to your study and your teaching. I'm very glad that I did both the course and the tutoring together."

“I’d recommend your courses to people who are new to philosophy or people who have a background in it."

“You’ve opened up a whole way of thinking about politics that breaks the liberal paradigm."

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"I could not see what I learned to see from you."

"I don’t think I could have got a better start in my study of philosophy.”

"Overall, this was a masterclass in pedagogy and evenhandedness"

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