Heidegger's "Second Masterpiece"

Here are some of the themes we'll cover:

  • What was the first beginning of philosophy?
  • What are the stages or phases of the first beginning of philosophy?
  • Why does Heidegger say that the first beginning of philosophy has come to an end?
  • What is another beginning of philosophy?
  • What is the implied political philosophy of the other beginning, if there is one?
  • What in the world is "beyng" (seyn) and why does it matter?
  • What does Heidegger say about other thinkers like Plato and Nietzsche?
  • How does the Contributions relate to Being and Time?

The Basis of The Heidegger Book

This book is the basis of my Heidegger Book, available at HeideggerBook.com.

Join the big brain Heideggerians.

This is a real life picture of Darren Beattie reading the Contributions.

Course Excerpt (Session 1.1)


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