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Plato's Republic. The classic among classics of political philosophy. This comprehensive course, with sessions for each of the 10 books of the Republic, constitutes a thorough introduction to Plato's timeless masterpiece.

Some of the themes, topics, and questions that arise from an exposition of the text:

  • What is justice?
  • Is it good to be just?
  • What is the relationship between justice and law?
  • Does justice require piety towards god or the gods?
  • How can it be good to harm your enemies if justice does no harm?
  • Does true justice require perfect knowledge?
  • Is justice possible?
  • What is poetry?
  • What is philosophy?
  • What is education?
  • Is censorship justified?
  • Can we reconcile love of our own with love of the common good?
  • Can war be abolished?
  • Why do good governments become corrupt?
  • What are the regimes?
  • What is the soul?

This is a Comprehensive Book about the Comprehensive Good, a profound inquiry into the best regime and the best way of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have to complete the course?

A: It is self-paced and there's no time limit on your access to the course lectures.

Q: Are there prerequisites?

A: No. This is a great course for both beginners and advanced students. It can be the perfect introduction to political philosophy, but also something you study repeatedly throughout your lifetime.

Q: How is the course taught?

A: It is recordings of a live seminar, which discussed each book of Plato's Republic in a separate session. 10 books, 10 sessions. The course is taught from a Straussian perspective, meaning that it uses Leo Strauss and his students (e.g. Allan Bloom) as guides.

Q: Why should I study Plato?

A: This is a foundational text of political philosophy. It is a pillar of the Western tradition. It's a book that lies at the basis of all subsequent philosophy, not to mention theology. So it helps you to understand the big conversation that takes place across the generations. Perhaps more importantly, it introduces you to a discussion about the nature of political life and human life that might leave you transformed. For me (Millerman) personally, it was a life-changing book that converted me to philosophy.

What Students Are Saying...

"It's a very high value program... You really are passionate about these issues and questions and you bring that to your study and your teaching. I'm very glad that I did both the course and the tutoring together."

“I’d recommend your courses to people who are new to philosophy or people who have a background in it."

“You’ve opened up a whole way of thinking about politics that breaks the liberal paradigm."

“It offered a way of seeing and thinking that provided a brand new framework.

"I could not see what I learned to see from you."

"I don’t think I could have got a better start in my study of philosophy.”

"Overall, this was a masterclass in pedagogy and evenhandedness"

"Michael Millerman is a man on fire. I’ve taken two of his courses and will take more. He insights on Strauss, Heidegger and Dugin are not to be missed. His book, podcast, YouTube channel and numerous scholarly articles are beacons of clarity and coherence in a maelstrom of ideological confusion. I hold a humanities PhD and left academia years ago having found it irredeemably corrupt. Professor Millerman has almost single-handedly restored my hope in high-minded inquiry. He directs one’s attention to what is, at once, timely and timeless."

"I recommend taking anything Millerman teaches"

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